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Reviewer: Wayne Revlon    
Rating: 5 Stars
Website Reviewed: Your Six Pack Quest By Vince Delmonte
  Your 6 Pack Quest
Comments: The name says everything. This abs program is different from other. It is a comprehensive multi media abs program that provides alot of videos with step by step instruction that helps you to get your six pack abs.

Pros: A very comprehensive abs program that covers everything from diet to abs workout that guarantee you have your six pack abs if you follow the program. The multi media from it really helps alot if you are a totally newbie in workout. The regularly updates also is very helpful in the long run.
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Cons: Too much information that may cause information overloading thus making people don't know where to follow.

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As the name of the program implies, this program is to assist any man or woman to lose their excess belly fats and get their ripped six pack abs. But is this exercise program a scam? Does it deliver result as promise? Or does this program works for everyone? And what are the pros and cons of this program? You will find out soon in this complete your six pack quest review.

Brief introduction of the author Vince Delmonte

Your six pack quest abs building program is founded by expert trainer Vince Delmonte. He is known to be an expert trainer who specializes in fitness and building muscle. He is also a bodybuilder and had participated in various body building competition before.

Like expert Mike Geary's from Truth About Abs, he believe that in order for anyone to get tone and achieve their six pack abs, they need a full body workout program. As a fitness consultant for many years, this is very true to me.

Is Your Six Pack Quest A Scam?

At first I thought that Vince's is just a plain personal trainer that provides general fitness knowledge in his program. But I was wrong after I purchase his exercise program. He totally amazes me with all his exercise methods and nutrition tips that I didn't even heard before. I tried his program on two of my overweight personal training clients and both of them loss huge amount of weight and eventually achieve their nice looking six pack abs. This confirms that this program is definitely not a scam and it does deliver on its promise.

Basically, Your six pack quest program covers three topics that you need to know for getting a tone six pack body. They are:

Motivation - This is one important aspect that most programs miss out. I find this topic very useful if you can't motivate yourself. This simply acts as a personal trainer motivation for you.

Full Body Fitness Program - It covers a level by level fitness program that helps to increase your metabolism and build muscles progressively.

Nutrition diet - A step by step nutrition diet program that I tried personally and find it very effective in building muscle and increasing my metabolism. This diet program is easy to follow as Vince’s provides a huge amount of different meal plans from beginner to expert level.

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The best part of Your Six Pack Quest

Your Six Pack Quest Virtual TrainerOne special benefits of this abs building program is that the way it is presented is different from any of the 20+ abs program I have seen. While all the other program only provides e-book with picture demonstration. Vince's Six pack quest program provides a multi media exercise program that includes video demonstration on top of the regular e-books.

In the DVD, you will be able to watch how Vince's do his workout from the start till end. Besides that, there is also a virtual trainer included in the program that demonstrate how to work on different muscles the correct and safe way. With these videos around, it is like having a personal trainer with you 24 hours. This really impresses me.

This program sounds perfect but does it suits everyone?

One thing that you need to know about this program is that Your six pack Quest program is not a program that gives you instant result. You will need to follow his step by step program for at least 1 month to really see it works. My 2 personal training clients that follow this program took about 4 months of intensive training before they have their abs defined.

If you are looking for some quick fix on getting your six pack abs, this program is definitely not for you. You will require discipline and effort in order to succeed in this abs program. However, if you are really serious about getting your six pack abs, then this is the program for you. Once you got this program in hand, you will save a lot on personal training fees and other bogus pills that does not work.

So far all is good, is there any Cons in this program?

As this is your six pack quest review, there will be pros and cons so that you can make your decision right. The only bad about this program is that the massive information that is provided may overwhelm some of you that purchase this program. This may cause information overloading thus making you don't know where to start. This is the only con about this program. I can't find any other bad point because this program simply impressed me with their quality information and active support from Vince's.

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So what is the Final verdict of Your Six Pack Quest Review?

I would recommend this program to any man or woman out there that is serious about removing their belly fats and getting their six pack abs defined. With the great multi media virtual trainer around, every one can learn how to do those exercises Vince's recommend the correct and safe way. This program can simply replace any personal trainer so you can save quite a lot on those fees. I have tried this program with my clients and results were shown, thus I highly recommend this abs building program to any one.

Lastly, there is a full 8 weeks money back guarantee policy so you can be sure that you are getting the best value out of it.

If you are interested in getting a washboard abs you always wanted. Click here to visit Vince Delmonte Your Six Pack Quest now. Wish you all the best in your six pack quest.

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Your Six Pack Quest Review