What Causes Belly Fats ?

From a recent study, around 70% of the Americans are classified as overweight. The most common reasons why so many of them are overweight are because of their eating habits and lack of exercises. These reasons causes belly fats to appear faster than they thought. 

So what causes belly fats to appear besides eating habits and lack of exercises?

What causes belly fats factor #1 - Stress from everyday activities
This is the main reason why a lot of people are overweight and have unwanted fats all around their body. This doesn’t only cause belly fats to be bigger, it also can make every part of your body fatter if prolonged stress happens.

When you are stress about something, it will cause your body to react and release a hormone called Cortisol. This Cortisol will send signal to your liver and ask it to release excess sugar into your body that you do not need for energy. Thus, it makes you feel hungrier and eat more often. So the extra calories you consume will eventually turn to fats and appear as belly fats.
Try to be less stressful in your life now. With the stressful world, it’s indeed not easy and even if you do cope well with stress, you still need exercise to lose belly fats.

What causes belly fats factor #2 - Genetics from your parents
Genetics plays a big part on whether you need to work hard or work little to burn the excess fats in your stomach. There are 2 common body types. The first type is that all your fats will be store in the bottom part of your body like thigh and calf etc. The second type is that all your fats will be store at the middle section of your body which is the stomach area. Thus if you are the second type of genes, you need to work harder to get rid of belly fats.

Another genetics reason is from your parents, if they are the slim and thin type, you will see that overweight is not a problem to you as you can lose weight very fast. But if your parents are overweight and obese, then you will find that you need a lot of effort to lose your belly fats.

What causes belly fats factor #3 - Over eating and eating late at night
Sometimes, we tend to eat too much when we feel very hungry at one time. This will cause belly fats to appear faster because the excess food/calories that we consume are stored as fats when it is not used for energy purposes. Here is a suggestion that I personally tried and tested – Tell yourself every time when you consume something; make sure you are enjoying the food to the fullest. Once you feel your stomach is not hungry, stop eating immediately.

Another mistake a lot of people neglect is eating before their sleep. Getting to bed with undigested food in your stomach will cause fats storage at your tummy area. This would increase the belly fats at your stomach area.

This is page 1 of 2 of What Causes Belly Fats. In the next page, you will learn what the other important factors that causes belly fats: What Causes Belly Fat (Page 2)

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