Upper ab workout

Are you looking for some upper ab workout that helps to define your six pack abs? If it’s a yes then continue reading because I will be recommending the best upper ab workout that helps to build your upper abs. Your upper abs muscles are normally known as the upper 4 pack abs. Training your upper abs can be very easy if you know the correct exercises for it.

But before I touch on the best upper ab workout, it’s good to know what the 2 common mistakes are done by people when working on upper abs.

Common mistake 1 – Working on wrong muscles
When you want to work on your upper abs, you need do abs exercises that target only on your upper abdominal and not other area. Most of us thought that by doing sit up, it will build your six pack abs. But the real fact is that sit up doesn’t even work on your abdominal muscles, it only works on your hip flexor muscle.

Common mistake 2 – Doing the abs exercises too fast
Training your upper abs requires slow contraction of your abdominal muscles. So when you do abs exercises too fast, it defeats the purpose of contraction and may even cause unnecessarily injury.

So before you do any upper abs exercise, do try to avoid these 2 common mistakes.

Below are 3 of the best upper ab workout that concentrates on your upper abs

#1 Upper Ab Workout - Machine Cable Crunches
This is one of the best upper ab workouts that help you to attain your six pack abs. However you will need a cable machine for you to get started. The best part of this abs exercise is that it allows you to increase the weight incrementally.

Starting position
First, get a cable rope and attach it to a universal cable machine. Adjust a light weight to the machine. Probably one or two stack for a start. Then hold the cable rope with both hands firmly and kneel about 3 feet away from the cable machine. The cable position should be in front of your forehead with both hands holding it. Your back should be straight and flat while tightening your torso. Inhale.

The action
Exhale gradually and slowly crunch down your upper body by focusing the contraction at your abs. Continue to curl your upper body down until your elbow are about touch your both knees. Hold the position and contract your abdominal for 2 seconds. Make sure that you use your abs strength to curl your upper body instead of your arm strength. You arms should remain in front of your forehead.

Next, inhale and slowly curl back to the starting position while keeping constant tension on your abs muscle. This will be one repetition. Repeat 12 of this repetition for one set of exercise. Constantly increase the stack weight for every set.

Common mistake and tips
1. it’s important to focus on the contraction of your abs muscle when doing this exercise.

2. When you stay in the starting position, avoid hyper extending your lower back, keep your abs tight so that your position will be in a 45 degree angle from the ground.

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