Stability Ball Exercises

Getting a washboard abs is becoming everybody dream. With the advancement of technology, many tools and equipments are designed in a way to aid people in building their six pack abs. However, most equipment is either too bulky or too expensive for individual.

Thus if you do not have the luxury to own this kind of equipment, you can only use the traditional abs exercises for getting toned abs. Traditional abs training normally work on only one part of your abdominal most of the time (Rectus abdominis and oblique muscle etc). They usually neglect training the core muscles which helps in getting tone abs.

Introducing Stability Ball

Stability Ball is the best and cheapest equipment that you could use for losing belly fats or getting your toned abs. Stability ball is also known as Swiss ball or exercise ball. Stability ball is perhaps the best equipment to develop your core and abs muscles.

Stability ball exercises are getting more popular nowadays. Many people are using it as part of their abs workout routine. It also gives new challenges into your exercise program. Unlike traditional abs training, stability ball exercises helps to work out on bigger group of muscles at the same time thus helping in strengthening your core muscles. Training on stability ball also helps in strengthening your back muscles thus reducing back injuries.

Most stability ball exercises that I will show you later will challenge your core muscle and help in stabilizing your spine. Even simple stability ball exercises like sitting and lying on it challenge your nervous system and helps in core building. Next, I will be showing you 3 of the best stability ball exercises that you can use for core and abs building.

3 Best stability ball exercises

Stability ball exercises #1 – Abdominal curl with stability ball
This is one of the most simple and effective stability ball exercises to train your abs.

First, lie on the stability ball and make sure that your lower back is in touch with the ball with no gap in between. Your body should be parallel to the floor and knees are 90 degree angle off the floor.

Next, cup your hand behind your ears and in a control manner; slowly lift your shoulder upwards without bending your hips. This action should take around 3 seconds.

Last, return back to the starting position slowly. This action should take another 3 seconds. This will be one complete repetition.

Repeat it for at least 12 times per set. Make sure that you can feel your abs vibrating by the end of each set.

The most common mistake of this exercise is that people tends to rush through the workout. To get the best effect, we need to do it in a control manner slowly. Make sure that you can feel your abs tightening for every crunch.

This is page 1 of 2 of Stability ball Exercises. In the next page, I will show you the other best stability ball exercises that you can do at home: Stability Ball Exercise (Page 2)

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