Quick Ways to Lose Weight

Health and fitness is what people are looking for today. There are many reasons why people want to keep fit and exercise, some don’t like how their body look and want to change their appearance, some wants to be as slim as a celebrity and others pursue fitness as a form of being healthy.

However the most common asked question is always “how to lose weight”. That became the most popular question thrown to many fitness trainers. There are hundreds of methods to lose weight; some of the common methods are dieting, exercising, consuming weight loss pills and liposuction. But which method really gets you to lose weight quickly?

Here are 5 essential quick ways to lose weight methods 

Quick Ways to Lose Weight Method 1 – Understanding weight loss is not fat loss
The first thing that you need to understand is that weight loss is different from fat loss. This concept confused most people when searching for quick ways to lose weight. Because of you are losing weight, does not mean that you are losing fats, and just because you are losing fats does not mean that you are actually losing weight.

The ultimate aim of losing weight is actually losing that excess fats on their body and obtaining a toned figure. In order to lose weight, calories burning and calories consuming is the key concern. You just need to burn more calories than you consume and you will see yourself losing weight quickly.

But you need to keep in mind that calories are needed for energy and even more calories when you are exercising. So if you do not have enough calories intake, your body will lose energy and start to use up the energy store in your body. Your body will take protein and carbohydrates from your muscle and thus reduce your muscle mass and there goes your toned body. It also will cause your metabolism rate to reduce in which slows down your fats burning process.

What we need to concentrate is not weight loss here, but fat loss. We need to consume sufficient calories and do the right exercise to get fat loss. In order to lose fats and lose weight effectively and quickly, you must increase your metabolism rate and your need for oxygen while having a proper nutrition diet with enough calories intake.

In this case, you will be losing the weight through fat loss instead of calories loss. Make sure that you focus on fat loss NOT weight loss. Your goal should be to lose weight by burning fats, and not losing weight from your muscles.

Quick Ways To Lose Weight Method 2 - Overcome excuses
Making excuses of not exercising or dieting is the main factor why you are not losing weight. Because of these excuses, we often stop ourselves from exercising and gain more weight without realizing it.

Some of the common excuses are:
- Too lazy to exercise
- No time to exercise due to work commitment
- Doesn’t feel well
- Tired of all the exercise and dieting routine

These are only some of the common excuses that i could think of, but all of these excuses should not even come to your mind.
If losing weight is really important to you, you should always allocate at least 60 minutes of workout a day. The first step to losing your weight is always discipline. Overcome all your excuses and start doing action now.

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