Pilates Abs Workout

Pilates abs workout is one of the best exercises that works on your core region for strength and flexibility. There is a lot of Pilate’s workout that is suitable for everyone, some are easy but some requires good core muscle to perform the exercise.

Pilates abs workout ranges from beginner level where most people are able to follow to more advance level that requires a better balance and flexibility. With new technology invented, you will find that some of the advance Pilates exercises uses a more advance equipment rather than a simple mat. But most of the fundamentals Pilates workout should be done on just a mat itself. I will be showing you 2 of the best traditional Pilates abs workout that you can do it yourself at home.

Best Pilates abs Workout

Pilates abs workout #1 – The Hundred
The hundred is one of the most fundamental Pilates exercise. The hundred can be used for both beginner level as well as advance level. You can modify the hundred by challenging a harder level or an easier level. The hundred requires individual to coordinate isometric movement throughout their body with controlled breathing techniques.

Step 1 – Place a mat on a flat surface. Lie on your back on the mat and straighten your legs. Next put your both hand just beside your hips with palm facing down. It will be like a position as if you are lying on a mat.

Step 2 – Inhale to begin.  As you inhale, exhale slowly and at the same time, slowly lift up your head while keeping your chin down and slightly curl up your upper spine by using your abdominal strength. At this position, inhale again.

Step 3 – As you inhale, exhale slowly and at the same time, tighten your abs and in a controlled manner slowly lift up your legs off the mat to about 30 degree angle. Make sure at this point, your lower back is not arch. Then at the same time, straighten your arm and lift it off the parallel to the mat with your fingertip pointing forward.

Step 4 – As you are in the step 3 positions, move your straighten arms up and down in a control manner with short breathe in and breathe out. You should concentrate on your abdominal muscle instead of stiffing your shoulders.

Step 5 – At step 4, do a repetition of 10 times. Each time will be 5 short breathe in and breathe out with controlled arm movement.

Step 6 – After you complete the 10 repetitions, bend and bring your knees toward your chest by curving up your spine. Hug your knees with both hand and try to roll back with your head touching the mat using your upper spine. Next, in the same position, slowly take deep breathe in and out. 

For advance difficulty
To make the hundred pilates exercise more difficult and challenging, you can try doing the exercise with your head and upper spine on the mat itself. This concentrates and targets more on your core stability and strength. You can also try to lift your legs to as low 20 degree angle but do remember that you do not arch your back while lowering your legs.

This is page 1 of 2 of Pilates abs workout. In the next page, I will show you the other Pilates abs workout that is as useful as the first one: Pilates ab workout (Page 2)

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