Oblique Exercises

Oblique muscles are basically those muscles that appear at the side of your stomach area that often people called it as “love handles”. There are two parts of oblique muscles, the internal oblique muscles and the external oblique muscles. Later I will be showing you 3 best oblique exercises that targets these muscles.

External oblique muscles are basically those exterior muscles at the side of your stomach. Those muscles will normally be seen as side abs when you get it toned. Internal oblique muscles are those muscles that lie underneath the external oblique muscles. Basically, their main function is to help rotating your trunk movement along side with the external oblique muscles.
Both oblique muscles are as important when it comes to getting a nice toned stomach especially if you want your six pack abs to look even better. By exercising your oblique muscles, you are able to get an all angle toned and hard looking stomach.

Training oblique muscles often became neglected when it comes to stomach exercises. This is mainly due to two reasons, lack of knowledge regarding oblique exercises and lack of energy due to concentration of other abs exercises.

The second reason is the more popular reason why most people neglect training their oblique muscles. To be truth, I was once like them; I only concentrate on getting my six pack abs by doing front abs exercise until I realize the importance of oblique exercises.
Working on your oblique muscles not only gets your side abs toned, but it also helps to improve your flexibility at your trunk area.

Here are some of the best oblique exercises that I recommend. Doing this oblique exercises could strengthen your internal oblique muscle as well as toning your external oblique muscles.

3 Best Oblique Exercises

Oblique Exercises #1 – Decline Oblique crunch
This exercise is so far the simplest and most effective exercise that I use for training my oblique muscles. However it can be quite challenging at first. This is because it requires you to contract your abdominal throughout the set

First step: Lie yourself on a decline bench and make sure that your legs are lock in. Then slowly lift up your upper body from the bench and use your both hand to cup behind your right ear. This will be the starting position.

Second step: When you are in the starting position, slowly lift your upper body up while twisting your torso to your left. Make sure that you do this in a control manner by tightening your abs and doing it slowly. Then slowly curl up to your left until your right elbow touches your left knee. To get the best effect, concentrate on the twisting of your torso when you are lifting your body up.

Third step: When your right elbow touches your left knee, slowly lower down your body to the starting position in a control manner. This will be one repetition on each side. Please take note that your upper back should only touch the bench after the last repetition of the set.

Fourth step: Do a repetition of 12 reps per set on each side.

This is page 1 of 2 of Oblique Exercises. In the next page, I will show you the other 2 best oblique exercises that you can perform without any equipment: Oblique Exercise (Page 2)

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