How To Work Lower Abs

How to work lower absThe ultimate aim of everybody that wants his or her body to look attractive is to have a nice toned six pack abs. Unfortunately, not many of us is able to achieve that result. This is because that a lot of people do not understand the principals of lower abs workout and don’t know how to work lower abs.

I can say that most people out there spend countless of hours doing sit-ups and crunches without knowing what they are achieving. Don’t be afraid because i was once like them. I used to waste a lot of time doing abs exercise that does little or even injured myself because of not knowing how to work lower abs effectively. Getting a nice six pack abs is not tough if you know the concept behind abs building.

Lower abs can be the hardest area of the abdominal muscle group to get toned and be seen. You will notice that a lot of TV and magazine models have a nice abs, but most of the time you can only see their upper 4 abs. So why is the lower 2 abs not appearing at all?

The real reason behind it is the fact that lower abs area is normally covered with a lot more layers of fats than the upper abs region. This is the reason why most of the US population has what we call ‘belly fats’. You can easily burn these fats away by doing fat burning exercise like high intensity interval training and proper abs training methods which i will show you later.

However, building a nice six pack abs is not a one week effort. Most importantly, you need the determination with the correct lower abs exercise to get your 6-pack abs.

You probably have done a lot of abs exercise that targets both the lower and upper abdominal but have yet to see any effect. The reason is because you are only working on the top layer of the abdominal muscle and the layer of fats is covering most of it.

Working lower abs muscle can be tough at first because our deeper abdominal muscles such as transverse abdominis (located underneath the major abs muscle) are usually not well developed. Building inner abdominal muscles is like the foundation of building your 6 pack abs.

Without the foundation of deep abs muscle, you will find that whatever toned abs you build, it will soon lose its definition very fast. In order to train the inner abs muscle, you need to do those lower abs exercises that involve high/isometric resistance with interval in between.

So how to work lower abs with isometric resistance?

One good example of isometric resistance abs exercise is lying leg lifts. Lying leg lift is one of the most popular lower abs exercises that most trainers including myself recommend for lower abs building and burning fats at lower abs region. However what I recommend is slightly different from the rest. We do it with isometric to failure.

First, lie on your back on a comfortable mat, leg straighten and make sure that you do not arch your back.

Second, place your arm just beside you with palm facing down.

Third, contract your abdominal and gradually lift your leg in a straight position until you reach 45 degree from the ground.

Fourth, when it comes to isometric lying leg lifts; we will hold it at the position for 20 seconds. Make sure that you are not arching your back and you are looking up at the ceiling.

Fifth, Lower your legs until you are about to touch the ground (do not touch the ground) and maintain at the position for 10 seconds.

Sixth, repeat step 3-5, only that this time you hold for only 15 seconds at the 45-degree position.

Seventh, repeat 3-5 the third time for count of 10 seconds at the 45-degree position or until you cant hold it any longer.

After you are done with the seventh step, I am sure your lower abs will have a burning sensation. Do remember to stretch your abs immediately and continue your second set after 3 minutes of rest. For this lying leg lifts isometric exercise, just 2 sets will be good enough.

One important thing you need to note when doing lower abs exercises is don’t over exercise. When you encounter some pain especially at your lower back, it either means that you over exercise or you did the wrong technique.

This is only one of the best lower abs workouts I recommend, there are other lower ab workouts that is as effective as the isometric lying leg lifts.

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