How To Lose Fat Fast

How to lose fat fastWhen people ask me about how to lose fat, I will recommend them to have a healthy diet and exercise regularly no matter what types of exercise they do. As long as they exercise regularly, they will be burning fats and it is better than doing nothing.

But if any people ask me about how to lose fat fast, I know that they are desperate and I will recommend them something else. There are certainly many ways to lose fats; some are slow fat burning while others are fast fat burning.

As a fitness consultant for many years, I realize that most people use slow fat burning methods instead of those faster methods when their aim is to lose fat fast. This is mainly due to lack of knowledge regarding fat loss. Before I reveal to you what are the fast fat burning methods, it’s good to know what are the slow fat burning methods to avoid.

#1 Slow fat burning method - Slow or Moderate intensity cardio
As you have heard countless of times by other fitness consultant or television that in order for you to lose fats, you need to exercise at a slow/moderate intensity pace for a long duration. Slow/ Moderate intensity cardio include jogging, running, cycling, swimming etc. Doing moderate intensity cardio will helps to burn fats, but you won’t burn fats fast.

This is because the process of fat burning only starts after the 30 minutes of cardio and stop burning once you stop the low/moderate intensity cardio exercise. So by doing one hour of cardio exercise, you only burn your fats for only 30 minutes! I definitely won’t waste my time doing this if there is a better way.

#2 Slow fat burning method - Diet that doesn’t work
There are so many diet solutions out there. Diet solutions that concentrate on low calories, low fat foods and low carbohydrates etc. These solutions wont helps you to lose fat fast; the only way to lose fat fast is by burning it and not going for prank diet. I am not saying that this diet wont help, but it just doesn’t help in losing your fat fast.

Starving#3 Slow fat burning method - Starving
Starving is one of the most sought solutions when people think of weight loss or fat loss. In fact this solution doesn’t even help in fat burning. Instead it increases your body fat and weight. This is because when your body is not having enough energy due to lack of food, they will start to store energy and reduce your metabolism rate as your body will not know when food will be consumed again. Thus this stored energy will be converted to fats. So in the end, you gain more fats and slow down your metabolism.

#4 Slow fat burning method - Target wrong muscles during weight trainingWrong muscles - bicep
Doing weights training is the correct way to lose fats. However if you are not targeting the correct muscles during strength training, you will only be wasting your time burning fats slowly. Your body consists of large muscles as well as small muscles. Small muscles include you forearm, biceps, triceps and calf etc. These are the muscles you should not be targeting. This is because if you concentrate on building small muscles, you will only get small result in fat burning. Thus you should concentrate on building larger muscles, which I will talk about later.

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