How to get rid of love handles

As a personal trainer/fitness consultant for many years, getting rid of my client love handles has always been the most difficult task among others. This is mainly because your love handles are always covered with more fats than muscles. But do not worry; I will be showing you how to get rid of love handles using some of the ways I recommend.

What are love handles?

Love handles are actually the layers of fats that surround the side of your waist area. Excess layer of fats at your waist can be very annoying, it not only spoil your body shape, but also hinders functional movement like bending and twisting.

In professional terms, we normally called love handles as the external oblique. But there is a slight difference in it, external oblique are actually the muscles that are hidden underneath the layer of fats which we call love handles. This means that although they at the same area on your body, you wont get to see your define oblique muscles until you get rid of the love handles.

Love it or Hate it

Every body has love handles, it’s only either they love it because it is tone, or they hate it because it’s just an extra flab of fats around the belly. Of course, any want would choose the former than the latter. However, most of the world population appears to be in the latter category. I can even say that some people that have a toned six pack abs, does also have a flabby love handles too. Thus, making their six pack abs looks extremely ugly with their apple-like shape around their belly waist.

Getting rid of your love handles can be one of the most difficult task when comes to getting a nice stomach. This can be very true because losing your love handles doesn’t only require doing countless of abs workout. You need to follow the correct information and approach in order to get your stubborn love handles disappears.

Below are 3 approaches that I always ask my clients to follow strictly

How to get rid of love handles approach #1 – Burn your overall body fats
As you already know that in order to get your side abs defined, you need to get rid of the love handles in order for your oblique muscles to be seen. Doing side abdominal exercises it self won’t get rid of your love handles; it only helps to define your abs underneath the layers of fats.

So how to get rid of love handles?
Simple, in order to get rid of love handles forever; you need to burn your overall body fats. It’s not only burning fats at your belly or love handles. You need your whole body fats percentage to be as low as possible in order to get rid of the love handles.

Burn body fats through HIIT
One of the most effective ways of reducing your whole body fats percentage is through high intensity interval training(HIIT). You can do high intensity interval training through sprinting, skipping, cycling, rowing, climbing and hill sprinting. One very simple example of High intensity interval training is sprint 30 seconds, jog 60 seconds and repeat itself for 4-6 times.

The main concept of this type of training is simply performing a high intensity exercise follow by a moderate intensity exercise and repeat for a repetition of 6 times for best effect. The advantage of HIIT not only allows you to burn more fats than other cardio exercises but also reduce the duration of training needed.

This is page 1 of 2 of How to get rid of love handles. In the next page, I will show you what the other approaches for getting rid of love handles are: How to get rid of love handle (Page 2)

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