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How to get a 6 pack fast method #3 - High intensity Cardio trainingInterval training
The key to getting rid of your belly fats is through burning more calories than you consume. Doing simple cardio work out like long distance running is an effective way of losing calories but you won’t get six packs fast.

In order to get six pack abs really fast, you need to do high intensity interval training (HIIT). This is a training method whereby you do low intensity workout followed by high intensity workout and back to low intensity workout and repeat for a few times. HIIT not only burn more fats but also increase your resting metabolism rate thus burn more fats while you are resting.

Another good benefit about HIIT training is that you only need 10-20 minutes of training each time to achieve better results than those that run for an hour. Research had shown that people that use HIIT method burn fats faster by 3 times of those people that did steady long distance cardio. An simple example of HIIT training will be : 60 seconds of jog - 30 seconds of sprint - 60 seconds of jog - 30 seconds of sprint and repeat for 5 times.

How to get a 6 pack fast method #4 - Abs training exercisesHow to get a 6 pack fast
From years of personal training experience, Abs training exercises is the least important factor when comes to losing belly fats. But most people out there are concentrating it more than any of the other methods. I am not saying that abs strength training doesn’t help at all; it does help if you know how to execute the best abs exercises.

Basically, performing abs training exercises is mainly for shaping and getting the six pack definition. However getting a six pack abs fast doesn’t only involve strengthening the abs muscle. Core muscles are also as important if you want that firm toned midsection of your stomach.

Strength TrainingHow to get a 6 pack fast method #5 - Other strength training
Believe it or not, exercising other major muscle groups like legs and upper back are more important than abs exercises itself. These are the largest muscle in your body thus working on them will burn more calories than working on smaller muscle group like abdominal.

A lot of people thought that doing abs training everyday will get you six packs fast. But the fact is that you are not burning many calories than working on other major muscle. So if you want to see your six packs fast, I advise you to workout major muscles in addition to your abs exercises. This is one of the methods that I personally recommend everybody to follow.

As you can see, getting a six pack abs is not as easy as we assume. But its 100% achievable if you know every concept I had talk about and applying it to your training. You can see that those fitness TV models have a body that every one adores. It goes through hard work and sweat. With hard work and a little tweak in your bad habit, you can soon see yourself having abs of those fitness models. Remember you already have the six pack abs; all you need to do is to make the layers of fats to disappear.

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