Flatten tummy

How to flatten your tummy

Are you thinking that the only way to flatten tummy is by doing countless times of sit up and long hours of cardio exercises. Or you must be thinking that this article is all about the common types of exercises that every one is recommending to flatten tummy. Then you must be wrong. Here I am going to tell you that what you are going to see below is totally different from what you are thinking now.

Whether you are a male or female, the methods that I will be showing you will definitely change your perspective on how to flatten you tummy. You will never want to read any more articles regarding flatten tummy again.

Before I tell you what the correct methods to flatten tummy are, you need to know why those exercises like sit up, long duration cardio or even starving wont help in flattening your tummy.

Why sit up wont work?
The only reason why you do 1000 of sit up everyday wont work is because sit up doesn’t even work on your abdominal muscles. In fact sit up works more on your hips muscles. So if you are looking for ways to improve your hips muscles, sit up can be one of the best exercises. But do take note that sit ups can be potentially harmful to your back muscles. Thus doing sit up not only won’t flatten your tummy, but does more harm to you.

Why starving yourself won’t help?
If you are starving yourself because you want to flatten your tummy, I urge you stop it now. Go grab some food before you continue your reading. Starving yourself not only won’t flatten your tummy but make your tummy even bigger. This is because every time when you go into starvation mode, your body will automatically slow down your metabolism rate and store fats for future energy usage. Thus you burn less fats and store more fats.

Why long duration cardio are not the best way to flatten tummy?
To flatten your tummy, the only crucial thing that you need to know is body fats reduction. Doing long duration cardio will help in reducing your body fats, but you will only start burning fats after the 30 minutes of cardio and stop burning once you stop the cardio exercise. Thus if you do one hour of jogging, you will probably burn 30 minutes of fats. If you think that you can’t fork out 1 hour of cardio every day.  Don’t worry, I will be showing you how you can use 12 minutes of cardio to burn 48 hours of fats. 

If you are still using those traditional methods that I mention above, it’s time for you to change to better methods. 

Here are 3 methods for flattening your stomach

Flatten tummy method 1 – Do high intensity interval cardio
I mention earlier that long duration cardio doesn’t help in flattening tummy; this is because when you perform long duration of constant cardio workout, you are not stressing yourself to work harder thus the energy usage will be low.

However if you are doing high intensity cardio like sprinting, you are constantly stressing your muscles to work harder thus you will require a higher level of energy. In addition, when you do high intensity cardio, your muscle tissues will break down and needs more time and energy to recover. This increases your resting metabolism rate (RMR) which helps to burn fats even when you are resting your muscles. Hope this makes sense to you.

HIIT – High intensity interval training
I have been mentioning this training method a few times throughout Absbuilder.com . I stress so much on this method is because it helps a lot of my clients to achieve their aim in getting a flat tummy or defining their six pack abs.

This method is about doing a series of high intensity workout and moderate intensity workout continuously. For example a high intensity workout can be sprinting and moderate intensity workout can be jogging. So the workout begins with sprinting follow by jogging and back to sprinting and so on for a series of repetition.

Example of HIIT:
Warm up jog 120 seconds - Sprint 30 seconds - Jog 60 seconds - Sprint 30 seconds - Jog 60 seconds- Sprint 30 seconds - Jog 60 seconds- Sprint 30 seconds - Jog 60 seconds- Sprint 30 seconds - Jog 60 seconds – Sprint 30 seconds – Cool down jog 120 seconds.

The total duration of this workout is only 12 minutes and you can burn up to 48 hours of fats! This is definitely better than those long duration cardio workout that you had been doing for the past decade.

Think about it, with the sedentary life that you live, would you spend 1 hour of running to burn 30 minutes of fats or would you spend 12 minutes of high intensity interval training to burn more than 48 hours of fats. You decide yourself.

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