Exercises For Love Handles

I will be showing some of the exercises for love handles. But before I get into it, I would like you to know that getting rid of love handles do not only require you to do as many side abs as possible. In fact, it requires various kinds of exercises that include interval and strength training. Here I will be showing to you 3 kinds of exercises for love handles.
#1 – High intensity interval training
#2 – Major muscle strength training
#3 – Targeted Abs exercises

Exercises for love handles #1 – High intensity interval training (HIIT)
High intensity interval training is the most important kind of exercises among the 3. The concept of HIIT is basically performing a high intensity exercise follow by a moderate intensity exercise and repeat for a repetition of 5 times per set. Some of the exercises that you can perform with HIIT include sprinting, rowing, cycling, skipping, hill sprint and stairs climbing. 

HIIT workout 1 – Sprint to jog

1. Start with a warm-up jog of 5 minutes
2. Stretch your whole body muscles for 5 minutes
3. Sprint for 30 seconds.
4. Jog for 60 seconds.
5. Sprint 30 seconds.
6. Jog for 60 seconds.
7. Sprint 30 seconds.
8. Jog for 60 seconds.
9. Sprint 30 seconds.
10. Jog for 60 seconds.
11. Sprint 30 seconds.
12. Jog for 60 seconds.
13. Warm down with stretches.

HIIT workout 2 – Skip to jog

1. Start with a warm up jog for 5 minutes
2. Stretch your whole body muscles for 5 minutes
3. Fast skip for 60 seconds.
4. Jog for a distance of 200 metres
5. Fast skip for 60 seconds.
6. Jog for a distance of 200 metres
7. Fast skip for 60 seconds.
8. Jog for a distance of 200 metres
9. Fast skip for 60 seconds.
10. Jog for a distance of 200 metres
11. Fast skip for 60 seconds.
12. Jog for a distance of 200 metres
13. Warm down slow skip and stretch.

These are 2 HIIT exercises that I always implement into my clients workout. You can modify the exercises yourself as long as the concept remains.

Exercises for love handles #2 – Major muscle strength training
Training your major muscle is as important as doing HIIT training when comes to losing your love handles. This is because major muscles itself requires more energy and calories thus working on those major muscles increases our resting metabolism rate (RMR) faster than working on minor muscles.

A higher RMR will therefore burn more fats even when we are resting. So in order to get rid of love handles, you need exercises that target major muscles. Major muscles include Upper Legs, Upper Back, Chest and Shoulders.

Here are some of the best exercises to work on major muscles.

1) Standing Dumbbell Lunges
This exercise works a lot on your lower limbs muscles.

Step 1 – Hold two dumbbell with your hand straighten. A preferably weight for woman and man would be 5kg and 10kg respectively. Stand up straight and look forward. This would be the starting position.

Step 2 – Lunge forward with your right leg until your thighs are about parallel to the floor. Take note that your upper body should remain straight up and your knee should not pass beyond your toes. If your knees are beyond your toes, try to take a longer stride forward.

Step 3 – Step back using your right leg to the starting position. Then lunge forward with your left leg until your thighs are about parallel to the floor. Then step back to the starting position. This will be a complete repetition.

Step 4 – Repeat for 12 repetitions per set. Do a minimum of 3 sets for this workout.

This is page 1 of 3 of Exercises for love handles. In the next page, you will learn what the other major muscles exercises are as well as the targeted side abs exercises: Exercise for love handles (Page 2)

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