Exercise tips on losing weight

Losing weight has been one of the most concerned matters for humans nowadays. Everyone is searching for exercise tips on losing weight everywhere. Now with the advancement of technology, you can easily find information on losing weight online. There is endless of advice available to you about losing weight, but sometimes it’s tough to know which information really works for you.

Losing weight is an easy task, you can easily find a lot of people that lose weight successfully and maintained it till now. All you need to know is getting the right information and follow them consistently. 

Here are 5 essential exercise tips on losing weight

Exercise tips on losing weight #1 – Speed up your cardio
Talking about losing weight, most people or even trainers out there will say that you need to run for at least 40 minutes a session with moderate intensity and 5 times a week in order to lose weight. I can’t deny that you won’t lose weight through this method, but with our sedentary life we are used to now, wouldn’t it be very tough for you to maintain this kind of routine? The answer is none other than YES, and this is the main reason why most people give up and carry on their life with their excess fats.

Here is one exercise tips that you should implement into your weight loss program. Speed interval training; an example of this training is jog 60 seconds follow by sprint 30 seconds and back to jog 60 seconds and sprint 30 seconds and so on until you reach the 6 sequence. Basically, the advantage of this training is to increase your metabolism rate and burn fats even when you are resting. Moreover, this training only requires 10-20 minutes a session and is more effective compare to the moderate intensity cardio with minimum 40 minutes a session.

Exercise tips on losing weight #2 – Strength Training is a must
In order for you to lose weight, you can’t rely only on high intensity cardio activity. You need a combination of strength training and cardio to get the best effect for losing weight. It is because if you concentrate on losing weight, you will only become thin and scrawny. I am sure you want to look good with firm and lean muscle.

Strength training is not weight lifting (where you try to lift weight as heavy as you can) or body building (where you try to build big and bulky lean muscle). Strength training exercise is designed to improve your muscle strength and endurance so that you will have an overall health and fitness.

The benefit of strength training is that lean muscles burn more calories than your body fats. So when you perform strength training exercises, it actually builds up your lean muscle and at the same time burn your body fats. You can compare a muscular person and an obese person with the same weight. When the both of them are resting, the muscular person will burn more fats than the obese person. This is because muscle tissues are more calorie hungry than fats tissues.

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