Core Muscles

The foundation of building six pack abs 

Over the years, abs training has become the most popular workout for people that want to look good. The primary focus on these abs training is none other than getting the six pack abs that everyone adore.

However most people are unable to achieve the toned six pack abs or those that achieve it soon realize it’s hard to maintain. A hard and solid abs does not only involve working on the external abs muscle (Rectus Abdominis) but involves training various part of the abdominal region including the internal/external oblique as well as the core muscles.

Training the core muscles of your body is more complicated than training just the rectus abdominis. Building your core muscles is like the foundation of building your six pack abs. With the development of your core muscles, it will be much easier to obtain the six packs abs and maintaining it for a longer time.

So what exactly are core muscles?
To really understand the importance of core muscles and achieving your six pack abs, we need to look at the functional anatomy of the body.
The core muscles are the group of muscles that surrounds the mid section of your body. We normally call it the core region. The core muscles stretches from the region below your chest all the way down to your upper thigh muscles including the rectus abdominis and internal/external oblique.

Core muscles help to stabilize our normal activities and all the exercises that we do. Without strong core muscle, we will tend to get injured easily during exercises because of the lack of stability and balance.

What are the benefits of core muscles?
Our core muscles contribute to our daily movement patterns by stabilizing our whole body movement. It allows us to do simple task like standing, walking, twisting, squatting and even bending down to lift things. Without good understanding of the core training benefits, we tend to falls into a lot of health ailments like low back problem, neck pain, ruptured disks and many other problems.

One other benefit of strong core muscles is that it helps to support and aids stability to your vertebrae column from spine movement like bending down and other exercises that involve the movement of your spine. Without strong core muscles, you may encounter acute back pain when doing those exercises or movements.

How to strengthen your core muscles?
Strengthening your core muscles is very important when talk about overall fitness and building six pack abs. By strengthening your core muscles, you not only improve your stability in general but also prevent injury from happening. As you know that the entire core region consist of a lot of muscle group, thus training your core muscles is slightly different from training your abdominal muscles only.

Strengthening your core muscle requires full isometric exercise where the main aim is to gain inner abdominal strength by improving stability. Basically any workout that requires isometric contraction of your mid-section muscles will help in strengthening your core muscles. Do take note that strengthening your core muscles doesn’t require any machines. All you need is only your own body weight and the correct core exercises. Some of the core exercises include front bridge, Side Bridge, superman and stability ball exercises.

Now that you know what the benefits of core muscles are and how to strengthen it, all you need to do is to implement core exercises to your abs exercise program. I have put together the best core exercises in another article that helps you to build your core and abdominal effectively.

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