Core Exercises

Core exercises is one of the most important yet neglected exercise that most people neglect when comes to losing belly fats or getting six pack abs. The benefits of building your core muscle not only help you to lose belly fats, it also increases your protection and stability to your back.

Research had shown that more than 20% of all injuries are reported as back injuries throughout the world. This is mainly due to their poor core muscles and incorrect techniques of abs exercises. I will be showing you some of the core exercises that you can do at home using your body weight.

Difference between Core exercises and other strength training exercises

Core training is different from normal strength training exercise. Core training concentrate on both your abdominal muscles and back muscles. It helps to provide better stability from your spine and also develop a good posture for daily activities. Strong core muscles will makes you stronger, flexible and increase your stability.

When we are doing normal strength training exercise like bicep curl, chest press etc, we normally execute it by repetitions and sets. For core training, it’s slightly different. We use isometric training combined with repetitions and sets. Some core exercises require you to do workout based on duration.

Before you get into core exercises or any abdominal exercises, it is very important to do warm up. You should begin workout by doing some light cardio exercises like jogging, cycling or elliptical machine. This is important as it warm up your muscles for fat burning and also for safety purposes.

There are many exercises that can strengthen your core muscles. They include body weight exercises, simple exercise equipments like stability ball exercises and also Pilates abs workout. In this article, I will be showing you some of the best body weight exercises for strengthening core muscles.

Core exercise #1 - Front Bridge
This core exercise is the most effective and fundamental exercise that works on your core region. This core exercise can also determine your core strength.

The starting position
Lie down on a flat surface with your face facing the floor. Place your palm and forearm on the floor.

The action
Push your hips off the floor by balancing on your tip of your toes. At the same time, use your elbow to push yourself up lifting your chest off the ground. Attempt to maintain your posture in a straight line from your ankle to your head. Take note that your hand must be in a 90 degree angle from the floor. This exercise helps to improve your overall trunk and pelvis muscles.

For beginner, try to maintain in the position for at least 60 seconds for 1 set. When you start to develop strong core muscles, you can increase the duration up to your own ability. You should aim for at least 2 sets per workout session for best effect.

This is page 1 of 2 of Core Exercises. In the next page, I will show you the other best core exercise that you can do at home: Core Exercise (Page 2)

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