Best Exercise To Lose Weight

Exercise is the most important predictor whether you will succeed in your long-term weight loss and body maintenance. Indeed it is the most important part of all weight loss programs. But with the busy lifestyle and workload, we all want to know which are the best exercises to lose weight quickly and effectively. Basically there are two types of exercise; aerobic and anaerobic exercises.

Aerobic exercises are normally those workouts that are low intensity and work your heart rate between 60% and 70% of your max heart rate (calculate by using 220 minus your age). Studies have shown that aerobic exercises would burn the highest amount of fats during the 60% - 70% heart rate range. Examples of aerobic exercises are jogging, cycling and even swimming at a constant speed.

Anaerobic exercises are exercise that involves high intensity training. Normally these exercises don’t require oxygen to be present. But this does not mean that you do workout in a vacuum space. What it means is that you are exercising without the use of oxygen in the blood. Anaerobic exercises helps to build lean muscles thus increase your metabolism rate to burn more fats. Anaerobic exercise is mainly used by sprinter and body builder for bursting speed and building muscle mass.

So which type of exercise is the best exercise to lose weight?

Indeed it’s the combination of aerobic exercise coupled with anaerobic exercise to get the best effect of losing weight. This kind of training involves high intensity training with recovery periods in between. We call this High intensity interval training (HIIT). Scientist has proved this kind of training as the most effective fat burning and weight loss exercise.

I have tested this method on some of my clients and the results are amazing. The best part of interval training is that you don’t need to spend much time exercising to get the same result as those long distance moderate intensity training. You only require about 10-20 minutes a session to get you burn fats for the next 48 hours.

One best example of high intensity interval training is sprinting with recovery. It simply says that you sprint (100% effort) for a whole 30 seconds and recover with 60 seconds of moderate jogging (70% effort) and back to sprinting for another 30 seconds and so on for at least 6 sets of it.

In this case, you will take a total of 9 minutes to complete the whole interval training. I can confidently say that these 9 minutes of interval training will get your body to burn more fats than the boring 60 minutes of moderate intensity jogging. Once your body had adjusted to interval training, you can slowly increase your intensity based on your level and comfort.

Level 1 - Sprint 30 seconds Jog 60 seconds X 6
Level 2 - Sprint 40 seconds Jog 60 seconds X 6
Level 3 - Sprint 60 seconds Jog 60 seconds X 6
Level 4 - Sprint 60 seconds Jog 40 seconds X 6
Level 5 - Sprint 60 seconds Jog 30 seconds X 6

The above level could also be adjusted to longer sprints with lesser sets like sprint for 120 seconds and jog for 60 seconds with only 4 sets. As long as it includes burst and recover period, it should be fine and allow you to burn fats faster than normal long duration jogging. When you are comfortable with interval training, you can also go for distance sprinting and recovery. Like for example 200 meters of sprinting with 100 meters of recovery jogging etc.

Other alternative of sprinting could be cycling, swimming, skating, skipping and rowing. You just need to know the concept of high intensity interval training and apply to any of the exercise and you will see the same result.

One thing to remember when doing high intensity interval training is that you need to do light warm up and stretch your muscles before doing the exercise. This is to prevent muscle strain and tear from happening. Do remember that a combination of aerobic exercise with anaerobic exercise is the best exercise to lose weight. Exercise to your advantage and you will see yourself losing weight without realizing it.

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