Best Abs Exercises

Which part of your body do you think most people are looking at when you hit the swimming pool or beach? According to some statistic, it’s none other than your abs. Every body wishes to have a beach worthy abs so this makes abs exercises the most popular workout among others.

If you are going to concentrate so much effort on your abs, it will be a good idea to know which the best abs exercises are. There are countless of different abs exercises that you can workout on. But not all of them can get you the washboard abs that you desire. You can do countless of common abs exercises like sit ups and crunches, but still get no results.

Why sit ups and crunches produce no results?

This is because these traditional abs exercises don’t target your entire abdominal. In addition if you got a bulging belly around your waist, do you think the abs muscles hidden below it will appear? So stop doing those traditional abs exercises from now onwards.

Before i show you some of the best abs exercises, there are two things that you need to know. First, you need to understand that just by doing the best abs exercises alone won’t get you defined abs, you still need other fat burning exercises like interval training and major muscles strength training to burn the layers of fats above your abs muscles.

Second, to get your abs toned and defined, you need abs exercises that target your upper abs, mid section abs, lower abs, side abs (oblique) as well as your core muscles. I will be showing you some of the best abs exercises for getting a toned six pack abs.

Best Abs Exercises for difference abdominal area

#1 Best abs exercises for lower abs
Reverse Crunches on bench

This abs exercises is basically the best abs exercises that target your lower abs. You need an incline bench to perform this workout. Alternative, you can also do reverse crunches on a flat mat.

The starting position
Start the workout by lying on your back on a decline bench, holding the top of the bench. Make sure that the starting position is comfortable and try not to slip down as it may cause shoulder pain.
Next, lift up and hold your legs parallel to the floor. Try to keep your knees and feet as close as possible to reduce unnecessarily movement which may cause injury.

The action
As you are maintaining your starting position, slowly contract your abs and bend your knees towards your chest by moving your pelvis up toward your head. Exhale when you contract. Maintain in the position for at least 3 seconds and slowly lower your legs to the starting position maintaining constant tension at the abs area. Make sure that you are using your abs to do the work and not momentum or upper body strength.

Repeat the first set workout for 15 repetitions, and the second set for 12 repetitions and third for 10 repetitions. Rest for two minutes between each set. Stretch well when you are resting.

Common mistake and tips
When doing the workout, the most common mistake is arching your back. Try at all time not to arch your back as arching your back takes the focus off the abs and may cause lower back injury.

This is page 1 of 3 of Best Abs Exercises. In the next page, you will find out what are the best oblique and core muscle exercises: Best Abs Exercise (Page 2)

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