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Welcome to – My name is Wayne Revlon and I am a fitness consultant as well as a personal trainer. I've looked at over 20 Abs building program (in which you'll learn how to lose belly fats, building six pack abs and a lot more) and this three are the best of the best. Below you will find my side by side reviews of the top three abs building program available online.

Truth About Abs is my number one pick as they comprehensively cover all aspects of abs building from general abs training such as how to lose belly fats to more advance techniques such as building your lower abs, get rid of love handles, strengthening your core muscles, stability ball exercises, six pack abs dieting, defining your six pack abs, planning abs program, lean body training and much more. Truth About Abs not only covers abs building techniques, it is a complete six pack abs building manual.  

Your Six Pack Quest comes in at number 2 as, even though it include everything Truth About Abs does, the program cost is slightly more expensive than Truth About Abs.  

Best of all, this top 3 abs building program I review below can be downloaded instantly to your home computer and also have a 100% money back guarantee! We wish you all the best with losing your belly fats and developing your six pack abs.  

truth about abs Abs Building Program Number 1 : Truth About Abs

This program is by far the most in depth, value for money abs building program available both on and offline. The information contained is comprehensive, clearly laid out and the bottom line is that the techniques taught will allow you to get your six pack abs faster than any other abs program.

Truth About Abs is the leader of all abs building program. It covers everything you need to know about losing your belly fats and getting your six pack abs. It also includes great bonus books by best world renowned fitness professionals on the planet. For anything related to losing belly fats or gaining six pack abs, Truth About Abs should be your first port-of-call. 

Truth About Abs covers three main important section:
1) Information regarding relative leanness, body fat %, effective abdominal workout, metabolic rate and effect of training as well as how we burn calories.
2) Mikes recommended exercises and his effective training program(Home or Gym)
3) Diet and Nutrition Program

The best part about this program is that it provides a lot of examples with pictures and step by step instruction so that you can easily understand what he is explaining. Working as a fitness consultant for many years, I can say that the training method he provides is the best among others. In fact, I learn a lot of valuable information and abs building techniques from him. I highly recommend any one that is serious about getting a flat tummy or getting a six pack abs to check Truth About Abs.

Wayne's Rating :5 stars

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Your six pack quest Abs  Building   Program Number 2 : Your Six Pack Quest

I find that Your Six Pack Quest program is the most over delivered abs program found online and offline besides Truth About Abs. It basically provides every resources you need in building your six pack abs. Moreover, the content of Your Six Pack Quest provides lots of multi media software which prevents you from getting bored reading the stuff.


Your Six Pack Quest basically teaches you three levels for shedding belly fats and toning your abs.

1) Fitness training methods – Vince will teach you what are the various fitness workouts you need to follow for getting a ripped abs.

2) Diet and Nutrition – You will learn Vince comprehensive meal plan for nutrition.

3) Motivation – I find this especially useful as most people tend to give up too easily.


From more than 20 abs program I bought, is the only site I found with an established private member zone, a great community for discussing issues with Vince and other six pack quest members.


Members can also contact Vince DelMonte for free personal consultations to deal with specific training issues. This fills in the missing gap of personal support from other abs program.


One other best part of this program is that Vince provides a six pack virtual trainer which includes every exercise necessary to complete his 6 month program properly. Thus you save the cost on hiring a personal trainer (usually $80 an hour).


The reason I choose this as number 2 is because the program is slightly more expensive than Truth About Abs and you may get overwhelmed by the over delivered information. Otherwise this would be my number one choice. I would highly recommend this abs building program to anyone that is willing to pay slightly more.

Wayne's Rating :5 stars

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firm and flatten your abs Abs  Building Program Number 3 : Firm And Flatten Your Abs

Firm and Flatten Your Abs by David Grisaffi is my number 3 abs building program available online. This program basically shows you how to get your six pack abs without doing sit-ups, crunches or using any expensive equipment. The techniques that are used in the program are all scientific proven methods which help to flatten your abs.


Firm and Flatten Your Abs cover four sections:

1) Myth and rumor of building abs with some theories – This is essential for beginner. (I find it quite boring though)

2) Individual evaluation test – This section is the reason why I rank this program number 3. Most program miss this important factor when comes into planning a workout routine.

3) Abs and Core exercises – This is probably the best part of the program, it covers all the scientific proven abs exercises with pictures and explanation.

4) Diets and Nutrition secrets – Its useful but I personally prefer Mikes Geary’s abs diet which covers more variation.


Firm and Flatten Your Abs program is a well structure and comprehensive abs program where it teaches you how to flatten your abs without using any fanciful equipment.


The only downside of this program is that there is not much information on their cardio workout. As a personal trainer, I find that in order to lose belly fats fast, you need cardio, strength training, abs exercises and a healthy diet.


This program is most suited for ladies and beginners that want to flatten their tummy and build tone abs. However, I would rather go for Truth About Abs because both of the abs program cost the same.

Wayne's Rating :4 Star

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