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Designing an abs program for six pack abs

Have you ever wonder why no matter how hard you train your abs with the best abs exercise you know of, you just cant get the six pack abs appear in front of the mirror. There can only be two reasons; it’s either because your belly fats are covering your abs muscles or it is because you didn’t plan your abs program properly.

Although removing belly fats is a more important issue for achieving six pack abs, but planning an abs program can be as important too. In this article, I will be emphasizing on planning an effective abs program. You can learn how to lose belly fat through this link.

As a personal trainer and fitness consultant for many years, I can say that designing an abs program is one of the most important factors when training for your six pack abs. However, this is often neglect by most people. Majority of people will hit the gym without any program or aim on what they are going to achieve in that session. They will normally see whatever machines or free weights that is available and start pumping on them without any aim. This can be the reason why most people still don’t have the six pack abs after training for very long.

Designing abs program

When comes to designing an effective abs program, there are a lot of factors to follow. But do not worry, i will be discussing on the main factors that you should know when planning your abs program.

Factor #1 - Abs exercises not more than 15 minutes
Throughout your total workout duration of any day, you should assign between 10 to15 minutes of abs exercises into your workout routine. This is because if you are using the correct abs exercises and techniques, 10 minutes of these abs exercises will gives you the optimal result. Overtraining will leads to back injuries and exhaustion.

Factor #2 - Rest between abs sets should not be more than 1 minute
The main purpose of not resting your abs for too long per set is because you want your abs to get maximum stress during the abs training that day. You should always target about 30-60 seconds of rest between sets and abs exercises. What i normally practice is to stretch between the 60 seconds of rest and continue the next set straight after the stretch.

Factor #3 - Work your abs no more than 3 times a week
Your abs needs rest as much as you. Muscles will only grow during their recovery period. Thus giving your abs muscles sufficient time to heal will define your abs even faster. As i mention earlier, overtraining will leads to exhaustion and back injuries. Give your abs a break!

Factor #4 - Should be challenging yet achievable
When you plan your abs program, make sure that it is challenging yet achievable. You won’t want a boring abs program that works little or an abs program that you can’t even finish 1 set of exercise. Set some thing that is realistic for you. Modify it if needed.

Factor #5 – Set different levels of your abs program
Training the same level of abs program over and over again won’t helps to define your six pack abs. This is because your abs muscle are already use to the stress that is exert on your abdominal. Thus your abs muscles will be saying “hey, i am so comfortable in doing these abs exercises, it’s so easy”. So in the end, your abs muscles won’t grow.

What you should do is to plan a series of different level abs program. Setting different levels of abs program will not only helps to grow your abs muscles but also helps to motivate you from achieving the six pack abs. You can do this either by increasing the number of repetitions or the number of sets for different levels.

At a start just plans for an 8 level abs program. Once you complete the given sets and repetitions in a given level with ease, move on to the next level. So by the time you reach level 8, I don’t see any reason why you can’t achieve your six pack abs.

Factor #6 - Work the whole abdominal
Your abdominal consist of a few different muscles. They include your lower abs, upper abs, middle section abs, side abs (oblique) as well as core muscles. Thus a weekly abs program should include abs exercises that target all muscles at your stomach. Follow this link for the best abs exercises i recommend. Perform at least 3 abs exercises per session.

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